Best Blogs on Hi-tech, Startups and Entrepreneurship – Part 1

Keeping yourself up to date with things happening in the startup and hi-tech scene require a lot of time and effort. During the last 4 years I started following a number of blogs focused in hi-tech startups and  entrepreneurship. Below is a list of the best blogs from my opinion that you should follow. I’ll post five today and will add five more tomorrow:
10- Chris Dixon is one of the brilliant minds in the startup scene and one of the smartest investors. For example he invested in Foursquare, Kickstarter, Dropbox, Skype, OMGPOP (acquired by Zynga) and Behance. His blog is a place for him to share his thoughts about different things happening in the startup scene. Usually he have a different view than most of other people, and usually he gets it right.
9- Brad Feld is one of the most interesting and successful VCs ever. His specialty is in creating startup communities and he is actually going to publish his book Startup Communities this September, this is what he told me 🙂
He is also running another website called, to help people around the world to create startup communities in their cities. (This is actually where idea came from)
8- TNW or The Next Web is a good source of news for action happening in Europe. Its also holds and covers many interesting events happening in Europe and other part of the world.
7- Wamda is the best tech and startup related blog in the middle east and the region. The coverage is really good and the team managing the website are very professional. Wamda is not only a blog, but also a full resource for entrepreneurs in the ME.
6- Techmeme is an aggregation of all Hi-tech blogs in the world. They use a smart algorithm to find the hottest news currently trending and rank them accordingly. If you don’t have a lot of time to read many blogs, then go with Techmeme.
That’s it for today, will continue tomorrow.
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