10 Strains That Increase Productivity

When it comes to cannabis, different strains provide different benefits. Some strains are very high in THC and will cause extreme drowsiness. Other strains, however, offer a good balance of cannabinoids and provide an uplifting effect rather than a relaxing, sleepy one. If you are one who likes to consume cannabis on a regular basis but still needs to be productive, there are strains of marijuana available that can help. Many of these strains are Sativa strains or hybrid strains that are Sativa dominant. Sativa strains are notorious for providing a more uplifting head high rather than a relaxing body high that is typically associated with Indica strains. Here are 10 strains that can help you to stay productive.

  • Candy Jack is a combination of the Sativa strain Jack Herer and the hybrid strain Skunk #1. This strain offers an amazing terpene profile giving it an incredible flavor as well as aroma. This strain is an award-winning strain known for it’s uplifting, focused and happy effects.
  • East Coast Sour Diesel is known for providing a very quick attitude adjustment with its potent uplifting and focused effects. The strain is known for its piney and diesel-like aromas and it’s distinctively potent taste.
  • Green Crack is a strain utilized by many artists, entertainers, and writers who rely on creativity and focus to get their jobs done. The Green Crack strain has a mango flavor that is accompanied by a very energetic and focused head high.
  • Super Sour Diesel is notorious for it very fuel-like aroma and potent mental effects. This Sativa dominant strain offers a very energetic, creative, happy, high. This strain is not recommended for those who have ever suffered from cannabis-induced anxiety as it has very a cerebral effect.
  • ACDC will have you ready to dance the day and night away to some ACDC. This high-CBD strain offers to 1: 20 THC: CBD ratio and has tested with CBD content as high as 19%. This strain is a phenotype of Cannatonic and is known for its many different medicinal benefits and uplifting effects.
  • Super Blue Dream is a potent hybrid strain that is a cross of Blue Dream and Super Silver Haze. This strain comes on very quickly and offers an extremely energizing and creative head high that is known to last for hours. This strain is said to have a sweet aroma and blueberry flavor.
  • Cherry Bomb is a strain that offers a very focused and mentally active buzz making it great for getting things done. This strain is known for having a very berry-like aroma with a similar flavor. This wonderful Sativa dominant hybrid can be felt behind the eyes almost immediately so probably not the best strain to partake in before venturing into public.
  • Pineapple is a phenotype of Superbud. This strain offers strong tropical flavors and aromas of pineapple. This strain is notorious for its uplifting and euphoric yet relaxing effects.
  • Lost Coast OG offers a very distinct OG terpene profile. The strain provides an uplifting, talkative, creative and euphoric high and is compliment by citrusy, earthy flavors. This Indica dominant hybrid is praised for its pain relieving and energetic benefits.
  • Jack Herer isn’t as strong as its popularity might suggest, but the high is distinctive. The sativa high is happy, spurring energy and creativity. It’s ideal for errands and other daytime activities.